Handy tools: Notational Velocity

Sometimes we just want to take notes for our future selves, as a reference, and finding a good place to store this notes can be a hassle.

Suppose you need to keep at hand an internal url to access a resource on your company, or a set of operations that you seldom use in your programming language, or connection settings for a database…

The question is: Where do you normally store this?

Sticky notes, password managers, word or excel documents, databases… There’s advantages and drawbacks to all of them, but perhaps the trickiest deal is how to successfully search through this notes when we have a big amount of them, without compromising speed on creating new ones

Notational Velocity is a tool that provides a compromise between flexibility for adding new notes and speed for searching results. It’s damn fast.

The interface is simple. A search field on top, a list of results, and in the bottom half, the content of the note we select

To create a new note, we just keep adding the text we want as a title, and then press Enter to edit the body. Easy peasy.


Personally I find it useful when I need to check quickly some alembic commands, or for internal urls to different servers, frequent errors that I receive on Python, docker config files, even some personal notes about software development best practises.

Notational Velocity is available for Mac Os X, there is also a siamese application  for Windows called Notation.

There is as well an updated – beta -version of Notational Velocity, called nvALT, which can be obtained here


[Notational Velocity]